TBL3 is an integrated sustainability management and reporting tool. The tool is built to enable users to enter data, analyze, manage operational improvement and report effortlessly. The reconfigurable nature of the system enables rapid customization for any organizations’ needs and is easier to implement and efficient to use. In developing TBL3, a strong focus has been kept on ensuring ease of use, without compromising on the ability to solve complex reporting needs.

In addition to enabling reporting as per GRI frameworks, TBL3 also caters to EHS Management requirements with customized dashboards, CSR disclosures as required by Companies bill, CSR program Management with impact assessment and Integrated Sustainability reporting (IIRC).

The key features of TBL3 include:

  1. Multi-locational, multi-level and multi-user data input
  2. Multi-level approvals
  3. Integration with existing ERPs and MIS
  4. Enables data management and reporting on multiple frameworks
  5. Qualitative data capture
  6. Comprehensive Data Analysis
  7. Interactive and Customizable Dashboards
  8. Supports Assurance
  9. Facilitates Carbon Footprinting
  10. Draft Sustainability Report generation
  11. EHS management systems and customized dashboards
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) spent and program management
  13. Audit Trail