Sustainable Supply Chain Services

With increasing globalization, the supply chains of large organizations  have become quite complex and thus, the associated sustainability challenges have also increased multifold. Companies need to take a pro-active approach and look at integrating Sustainability throughout the expanse of their supply chain. Recent global developments also show the importance that needs to be given to socio-environmental issues in supply chain.

We advise clients on creating a strategy and road-map for addressing sustainability challenges in their supply chain, while also extending the Sustainability Vision of the company to the entire supply chain. Beginning with extensive capacity building exercise and engagement with vendors to establish a joint Sustainability Vision, we further help companies develop assessment/auditing framework on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) parameters on which regular performance evaluation can be carried.

Our key offerings include:

  1. Developing Customized Assessment Framework
  2. Supply Chain Assessment on EHS/Sustainability
  3. Vendor Audits