Integrated Sustainability is a CSR and Sustainability Consulting firm

providing end-to-end services in the domain of Sustainability, Climate Change, Environment-Health & Safety (EHS), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), IT enablement and Business Excellence.

Though Sustainability has lately gained a lot of attention in corporate world and more companies have starting preparing sustainability reports, but still there are very few companies who have been able to realize significant value from their sustainability initiatives. The rationale behind the same is that most of these initiatives are stemming out of regulatory pressures or investor/ customer demand or mere branding tactics. Sustainability has still not become an element to be included in the business strategy of most of the organizations. The challenge faced by most of the organizations today is to develop and integrate a detailed sustainability vision into an organization’s long-term strategic plan in a way that creates lasting value whilst also building public trust. "Integrated Sustainability" was founded with a vision to help corporate entities address this challenge.

We are a group of seasoned sustainability professionals with comprehensive experience in consulting and project implementation.
We have a dedicated team of leading experts from the fields of Sustainability Consulting, CSR, EHS, Business Excellence, Sustainable Supply Chain and Information Technology. Our team's industry experience spans several sectors including Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Cement, Food Processing, Paper & Pulp, Packaging, Agro-related, Automobile, Financial Services and Information Technology, across multiple geographies around the world.
Our team has the right blend of youth, experience, enthusiasm and dynamism driven by a common goal to help corporate entities chart a more sustainable business path. This enables us to approach the Integrated Sustainability objective in a comprehensive, flexible and effective manner.

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